Happy Spring Break

I hope everyone is having a great spring break!

For my break, I did absolutely nothing and loved every minute of it. Sometimes I just need to lay in bed for a few days and relax. Alas, my relaxation has been short lived. With everyone around me pushing me in all different directions, I have felt a wave of frustration come over me. In July, I will be heading up to the university for orientation where I will select my classes for the fall semester. By then, I really, REALLY need to have what career I am going to pursue because it will determine whether or not I get on track for a Bachelor’s or just finish up pre-requisites.

Lately, I have been intently thinking about pharmacy and my university has a joint PharmD/PhD program where it is 8 years of school, but I come out with both degrees. If I went this route, I wouldn’t have the opportunity of a sorority since I would only be there for a year and then jump into graduate school. If I went the dentistry route, I could do the sorority since I would be getting my Bachelor’s degree, but I don’t know if I enjoy dentistry or if I am saying no to dentistry based on my personal fears of blood.

Whenever I think about making a decision between the two, I instantly feel dizzy and my eyes get heavy. I want a decent college experience since I will only have 2 years, but I also want to further myself into a decent career that I will enjoy. Sometimes I just wish that I could have the title of Early Collegiate Student, but still get the opportunity of a full undergrad. I have been nose-to-the-grindstone for 2 years straight now and I always dreamed that undergrad would be the time where I am off of the leash and can finally live. All I need is a sign of guidance in which way I should go.


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