About Last Night

I am now home from a convention and I feel as if though I have lived 3 lifetimes this weekend. When we first arrived, I was excited and expecting a wild time, but the first night was pretty lame. The second day was just meetings and then the banquet at the end of the day. While at the banquet, I felt like I was in a square sandwich. I had Janet on my left who was judging every way I breathed and Dom on my right who is uncomfortable once he is near someone. So they, thankfully, left to go back to the room and left us three for the party.

Within 15 minutes, the police were responding to a noise complaint– even though the hotel is known for its raging weddings. Overall, the convention has 250-300 people and only 20 showed up to the party. It was slowed starting, but when Hale and I met up with another group it really got popping. I started talking to some guy named Branden and once we stopped talking Kyla come up and started “moming” me, even though we had just met 24 hours prior. The funny part is that you would think that we were talking about going up to a hotel room by the way she was acting, when in reality we were talking about school. After dancing with everyone, we all exchanged information and went on our way. I doubt I will ever see them again, but it was a nice break from the consistent person peeping over my shoulder.


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