My Personal Distraction

On Wednesday, I was surprised with a butterfly. This butterfly was silently sitting in the back of each class and would occasionally come and rest on my shoulder. I never really realized how close the butterfly would fly near me, yet never landed hard enough to make me realize it still existed. Well, on Wednesday, it proclaimed it’s existence.

I don’t know his name. I don’t know his age. All I know is that he is in my Calculus class, dresses likes he just exited a fraternity, and has a country tang in his voice. We only spent 45 minutes working together, but I couldn’t even get a problem complete due to the distraction of the waves crashing in his eyes. We will, hopefully, be studying together again. This may sound ridiculous, but I really don’t give a damn if it does.

Since my anxiety has reached a peak, every day is a challenge. I try to focus on anchors and eventually get through my episode, but it leaves me exhausted afterwards. The memory of him has been used as my anchor for the past day. And it has been the only memory really working.


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