Blood, Sweat, and Fears

As this semester is continuing on forward, I have noticed a sudden change in my disposition. I will be sitting in class and suddenly a wave of anxiety will overcome me. The cold sweats, fast heart-rate, and dizziness. For the past 4 years I have been internally battling a blood phobia and continue fighting the battle to this day. But lately it has been something different. As I was going through the PowerPoint that I would be lectured on in my Biology class today, I noticed that we were going to be discussing hemoglobin. I instantly felt the normal sweatiness that I typically do. But it was to the point where I had to skip class. For those of you who have suffered from any form of anxiety, you understand just how frustrating this is.

Now I am ready for a change. I am sick and tired of hiding behind my own conscience. I am stronger than my anxiety. It took several years, but I overcame my social anxiety to the point where I am going to submit my essay to speak at graduation. I can overcome this. I have started a plan where every single day I am going to work on battling my anxiety. This will include anchoring techniques along with constructing a fear ladder. I have let this phobia control my life and practically control my future. I am putting my own life back into my hands. I will overcome this.


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