Cutting the Weeds For the Spring Flowers

Although the first month of school has not yet come to a close, I already feel like this is going to be a great last semester. The fall semester was overflowing with stress due to applications and a cloud of chemistry raining on me every day, but this spring everything feels good. Knock on wood for now. The only class that I view myself having a difficulty with is calculus, which is understandable. My classes are filled with new people and I’m pushing myself out of my comfort zone each day. I personally believe that this is an intoxicating mixture of the new year, graduation right around the corner, and a new positive outlook that is keeping me smiling each day. It also helps that I have a romantic interest in my international relations class. I can really feel myself shedding off some of my past layers. It feels good. Whenever I think of the year 2015, I think of the color yellow and metallic balloons; hopefully that will be in my future.


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