Dipping a Leg in The Water

On Monday I started my last semester of classes. Finally. Thus far my biology and statistics classes are very easy, but calculus and international relations will be the major stressors of these next 16 weeks. International relations was very interesting today because I completely jumped out of my comfort zone. The end of this class migrates around partcipiation and since there’s only 7 people in the class, you look like an idiot if you don’t contribute your two cents into the debate. Keep in mind that every person in the class is a political science major and I’m just a lil ol’ biology major trying to piece together what is going through certain dictator’s minds so I can contribute. The question asked was if certain protests were worth it and after it was asked an entire wave of silence swept over for about 20 seconds. I then raised my hand and began explaining my thoughts. My voice was oddly soft and quiet while speaking and I’m pretty sure it just faded away at the end of my sentence, but after I spoke another history-buff complimented what I said and continued on with my points. It was a great feeling and I am looking forward to this semester.

I also have concluded that I am majoring in dentistry. Last night I went to the Dental School for the Human Body Program and in the beginning I was pretty nervous because I was visiting a possible future school, but when we began working with the robots I was instantly calmed and just felt like this is what I want to do. When I transfer to a university I plan to work or volunteer in dental labs to get more experience, but it feels amazing to have the security blanket of the future wrapped around me.


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