The Red Romper

Lately, I have been having very vivid dreams that don’t fade away after a few hours. Last night, I dreamt that my ol’ friend J.R. asked me out on a date, but the location was halfway across the state. I accepted and put on a red scalloped romper. My mode of transportation was a rental car and when I got there it was his/his parents’ condo. Granted that his family are millionaires, it was nothing shy of it. It had the base floor with 2 bedrooms, kitchen, living room, then a basement with one large den, and was located on a golf course. I walked in and he said that we were just going to hangout and I accepted. We just sat on the couch, watched TV, drank some Blue Moon’s, and just talked. Until a loud knocking came onto the door and it was his parents. Which this typically wouldn’t be a problem considering he’s a junior in college, but oddly he told me to run and hide. So I ran into one of the back bedrooms and tried to sneak out the back door, but as I was running down the side of the condo someone started screaming and chasing after me. It was a odd cross-breed of my father and his and he started hardcore beating me up. Afterwards, I was brought in by his mother and my parents were standing in there seething with rage. I asked, “where is J.R.?” and his father replied with, “oh, he will be taking a nap for the next week.” Implying that they had sedated him and locked him in his room.

The two parents bring me onto this helicopter and we begin to play a peculiar game of golf where you putt a few times and then have to sprint to grab onto the rope in order to get back onto the helicopter and not be stranded. Eventually, I notice that J.R. is out on the course with a group of other people who are just staring into blank space and have an emotionless, zombie-look to them. I try to grab him to pull him up onto the rope to get on the helicopter, but just wasn’t working out. So I was left with the decision to stay with him and betray my family, or go with my family and betray him. I then woke up very confused.


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