New Year’s Resolutions

My overview of last year’s resolutions:

  • Go to at least 5 concerts/festivals (film, music, etc.). I really need to expand my musical culture.
  • Volunteer with several shelters and finally complete my needed 100 hours of community service.
    • Got a volunteer internship that jacked me up to 301 hours.
  • Meet new quality friends.
    • Jessie, Nellie, Hailey, Hale, Dom, etc.
  • Keep or improve my current school GPA. Always room for improvement.
    • Spring semester brought me high enough to join PTK.
  • Fill my heart and mind with happiness, releasing all past negativity.
    • Most of the year up until October was very positive and happy, but fall just brings me down.
  • Forgive those who have hurt me. No sense in holding onto anger.
    • Beginning to move on.
  • Enjoy the lazy days, but never go more than 2 days without getting something productive accomplished.
  • Continue with workout regimen and try to eat healthier.
    • Eat healthier and appreciate my health more.
  • Fall in love.
  • Spend the same amount of time outside and consumed in nature as I do with technology.
  • Pin it forward to complete strangers.
    • Have tried to incorporate random acts of kindness into my daily life.

Since this upcoming year is going to be jam-packed with firsts, such as moving away, becoming independent, etc., I have sincerely thought out this New Year’s Resolution list:

  • Learn to love each day and really live. Really feel the wind and taste the food and just live life to its fullest potential. You will only be as young as you are right this minute; enjoy it.
  • Don’t assume the negative alternative to each situation. Say yes.
  • Continue growing confidence and stop fearing what others will think about everything. If you like, that is enough.
  • Develop a positive outlook and let that outlook exude from your psyche. Pessimistic thoughts have weighed you down long enough, let them free.
  • Get back on Blogilates calendar because it has been months since you’ve had a ongoing workout regime.
  • Learn to accept change and growth. This year will be filled with many exciting changes, but also stressful obstacles.

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