How To Help A Friend?

I just got home from the first basketball game and I think I actually watched 5 minutes of the game. Tonight was the first time I have seen most of my teammates for about a month and the only thing I could see was how thin Hannah has gotten. Over the past few months I have noticed her getting thinner, but I just thought she was working out. It wasn’t until tonight when she was in front of me and I saw her entire shoulder blade and the hollowness in her face that it hit me. My coach has told her parents about her unfortunate loss of massive amounts of weight, but I believe that it can only help so much.

I really want to help her because I can literally see her screaming for help when I look in her eyes; but how do I help? Do I bring it up? I don’t want to be the food police or even point out her weight in fear that it will just encourage it more. I think I will make a “gift basket” consisting of trinkets and mainly healthy food and give it to her at the cheer Christmas party. I will just say that I gave one to all of my favs and here’s yours! It’s a way of being pushy, but not pushing.

Hannah looks, and probably feels, as if she will be in a hospital in a month. I really want to help her and I will.


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