Last night was a very weird dream. I always find that I have the weirdest dreams when I go to sleep very early. It started out that my family and I were visiting some random town, but something arose when we were talking about schools and I just left. Then I started running and said “I’m free to love who I want.” As I ran I ended in this parking lot area where a lot of people were tailgating and running from behind a corner comes Alex, a guy from one of my classes who is in a 4-year relationship, and I immediately jump into his arms. We jump into his truck and just begin riding as if we are going to start our lives together.

Then the scene transitions into a completely different environment where I am riding on a school bus with my eighth grade class from middle school. And my cheer coach is at the front of the bus and we are all riding to some camp. Alex is gone and I am just sitting in a seat by myself. Pretty much everyone is in a seat to themselves. We get to the location and it’s a kickball field, similar to the one I had in elementary school. We are forced to play, but the teams switch and it is the students in my early college program vs. my eighth grade class. The game was very violent; a borderline mosh-pit. I then woke up and began my day.


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