One Hot Chocolate with a Side of Jealousy, Please.

So I just got the word that my best friend, Cydney,  who lives across the nation finally got her first boyfriend. From my calculations, he seems to be just an average guy and looks his age. Not necessarily my type, but hers. I am happy for her  and am excited as she begins to embark into the magical vortex that is love, yet when the news began to sink in, underneath all of the true excitement, I did have a slight somber feeling. It is most likely just my selfish ego sticking its two-cents in, but I do wish that was me. All of my friends are living their high school dreams, and yet I’m stuck over here pushing weirdos away at the local college. The choice of moving into early college was the best decision for my future and my mental health, but sometimes I do miss the ability to make stupid decisions and just live. Now it feels like I am on such a tight leash and any wrong step could result in not reaching my dreams. I just crave someone that could be my one stupid decision. A stupid decision that doesn’t affect anything except my mind and my heart. I just want young love.


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