I Got A New Attitude

Last night was the last football game I will ever cheer at. Some were sad, others weren’t really affected. I was on the latter side and the game didn’t feel any different than the past 10. Yet, as I was moved over to stand by my captain during the game, I could feel her positivity radiating off of her psyche. She’s the type of person that is a true cheerleader: overly jumpy, peppy, and laughs/smiles at everything. Standing by her for 3 hours straight, I began to notice her confidence as well. Shilling knows she is talented, smart, and is proud of her personal appearance. She believes in her personal ability and exemplifies that, even when just standing there. I was inspired by her.

After this past week, my spirits were exhausted. I had a trigonometry test, chemistry test, PTK induction, senior portraits, and the fall dance tonight. I am very proud of myself that I got through this week even though I was fighting through a rough cold. Nasally and all, I even stood up in front of 65 people and said my PTK Induction speech without faltering. This week has really shown to myself that I can do anything if I work hard enough. I have the passion and the ability, but it is my pessimistic attitude that is stalling me back. Especially, in the romance department. Instead of doing the same thing over and expecting different results, I am going to try to change. This weekend, and possibly into next week, I am going to try and keep a positive attitude. I will try a Shilling-like perspective where I see beauty in everything and am not afraid to speak my mind. We shalt see what happens.


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