High off of Stress

This week has been severely stressful. But then again, when is it not? The main stress sprouted from my chemistry exam on Thursday. I studied for this. Hard. The multiple choice went well, but when I got to the math part my brain went blank. It was a complete data dump of all the information I had studied. The words turned to Chinese. I could only focus on the ear-shattering ringing that was coming from someone on the other side of the room. Hopefully everything will be fine. This weekend I am going to finish my applications and all of this off of my back. I have decided that I never want to be so stressed out like I was before and have devised a study plan. Although my days are already calculated down to the minute, this will bring it down to the second. I filled my planner with moderate lists of items that need to be done each day. I will not fail next time.


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