I Just Need a Break

Wow, lately I have probably been sounding like a sour puss, but when in reality I am hardly even scratching the surface of my subconscious. The last month of my life has felt like a year. I have seen myself breakdown due to school, my social existence, and my emotional being. Everyday feels like another blow to some form of my brain. Like tiny mines are blowing and leaving a painful residue. Tomorrow is homecoming and I am honestly thinking about going for half and then just driving to the beach alone. Or better yet, driving to the beach first then going to the dance. I feel no compassion towards that school that school anymore and honestly, the only reason I am going is to get my mind off of everything going on. If I hadn’t spent money on a dress, eyebrows, and shoes I wouldn’t be going at all. I will most likely just be spending my evening alone on a beach like the recluse I am.


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