Silence is Golden

And to think today started off so good! When I came home from a shopping adventure to find a dress, I decided to check my ACT score. Lo and behold a darling terrible score (for my circumstances) of a 25 glared back at me. Not like I studied for months for this test! HA!

Please sense the sarcasm in my words because I am broken. Everything is weighing on me now as we have started looking at schools. Everyone keeps saying that I am in charge of my own future, yet my range of possibility in life is narrowed down by a standardized test. Before, I was stuck at a crossroad, but now the highway of life has brought me to a dead end and it’s too dark to turn back down. Today, hard tears were shed. The ones where you can’t catch your breath after. I really just need time to be alone and yet everyone is smothering me with their curiosity of why I am upset. My decision to skip class tonight was based on my mental health situation. I would rather skip one class tonight, than have the shiny 4.5 GPA’d chick I sit next to rub in her score of a 29 any more. Tomorrow, I have to stand in from of a class and say a speech about the career I am perusing when I don’t even know if I will get into college.


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