“Are You The Same Person That You Were A Year Ago?”

I found this question on a website advertisement and it really made me think. On Tuesday was my one-year anniversary of my surgery. This surgery was decided on within a few days and was performed to remove a 9 cm wide mass from my body. A pretty big deal. That week everyone was distraught. Everyone was putting up a strong front, yet disintegrating behind the scenes. One year ago, we didn’t even know whether I would even get to begin my new school.

This experience has made me so much more stronger. I am a lot more cautious with my decisions just because I have been shown how fragile the human life is. Although, at the same time it has taught me to not hesitate because you never know when you will be given another chance. This past year has been filled with working hard in school and working on myself. I hope to continue these trends and also incorporate more noteworthy experiences.


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