Vasovagal Syncope

As my most stressful and anxiety-filled week is coming to an end, it is prime time for reflection. My academic week at the Science Academy is ending as I transition into the shadowing portion enveloping in more stress! All week I have been fighting my recently diagnosed Vasovagal Syncope, a.k.a. my body’s natural response to blood/needles/or anything that puts my body into shock. I have done pretty well all week by calming myself and clenching my large muscle groups for contraction, but this next week is going to be very difficult. I will be shadowing at a Trauma Unit in a popular hospital and am terrified that I will embarrass myself in front of the people who will be determining my future. I just don’t want to end up fainting and be placed in my own room in the hospital. Plus, my partner is some spoiled rich kid and so I will literally be fighting judgement all day.  Thus, the anxiety sinks in and I begin to doubt if I am even in the correct path for my future. My dream has always been medical/dental, but now I have to work 10x harder in order to desensitize myself from the gruesome parts of the job. Every time I begin to think about this problem, I instantly get nauseous and feel vulnerable. The stress is really taking a toll on me. I just can’t wait until this next week is over and I can relax.


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