Blurred Faces

Last night I dreamt that I was at cheer camp, but left the hotel to sit on the beach after sunset. When I got down to the sand, it was empty until crowds of people starting forming in. The cheerleaders started coming down as well and were all acting outrageous. I walked away from them and sat near the waters edge. About 6 feet away from me was this family fishing and the, I assume, son came up, sat down near me, and started fishing. We talked and then, out of no where, a man with a microphone came out and said it was time for the dance competition. The guy jumped up with me and we danced with about 20 other groups doing salsa dancing. Well somehow I knew 10-years worth of salsa dancing and we won. I know this sounds lame, but we literally ran off together got in his car and then started driving to this parking garage in order to get my car. My car wasn’t my regular car, but a BMW SUV. And then we got changed and just drove for miles in my car with no instant destination. The odd part was, I could actually see his face. Typically, in my dreams the people either have blurred faces or I can’t see them from the neck up. This was the first time I have actually been able to see someone’s face.


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