Post-Prom Procession

And you all thought I wasn’t going to go! I shimmied my way downtown on Friday and had a pretty good prom experience. The only downside: it poured the entire day straight. Literally, we have had drought-like weather for nearly a month, and now on prom night it showers. Of course! Getting ready went well up until the end when I was rushing a bit. It is only because putting on the fake eyelashes took like 20 minutes because I kept messing up. We left about 15 minutes late, but still made it there on time.

When we got at the restaurant for pictures and dinner, there was only like 2 other couples there (granted I was alone). The place was swarming with elderly and females dressed in long flowy gowns. It seemed everyone got the memo to eat here. When everyone arrived we got in a line to take pictures on the staircase. While I thought we were waiting on another party, it was the two ridiculous couples in our group and their mothers taking their own pictures. The mothers seemed as though they had to take a picture of every breath they took. We all got together and took group picture in which I screwed them up by being the only one with my hand on a railing in the front. Haha! Oh well. When we finally went to go sit down I noticed some of my old flame friends who I thought had disowned me. Kirsten was there and was her usual kind self. That really made my evening getting to see my old friends, and also looking absolutely fabulous!

When we ate, all the couples snuggled up while the other single girl and I instantly bonded by cracking jokes about the others. Food came and everyone at the table either ordered Sea Bass or Filet Mignon- yet I stayed smart and just got the Salmon. Each meal was on average around 30 bucks and yet this kids took two bites and said they were done! When it was time to leave, valet took about 20 minutes. While waiting, Connor and his date come trotting up. I just sat there and laughed to myself while looking away into the elderly kareoke party.

I drove alone and made it to the hotel. While waiting for my “legal date” to get me into the door, I did the unthinkable. My heel snagged a hole in my gown. When I heard the rip my heart split into 3 pieces. My mother has not yet seen the hole, cross your fingers it remains unseen.

Walking into prom, I really didn’t know what to expect. The decorations was nice. There was food and soda. A lot of teachers making awkward eye-contact with grinding teenagers in long gowns. In the beginning it was weird dancing with the group I ate dinner with, but after awhile I found Ariel and my girl Em and we tore up the dance floor.

Overall it was a good night. I do wish I had a date, yet didn’t feel cumbersome about not having one. It would have been nice that I didn’t have the spend 23 bucks on some pre-frozen salmon and had a date cover it, but my independence is what made the night cheerful. I am happy that I went to prom.


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