Stressed, Depressed, But Well Dressed

With scholarship guidelines tightening, SAT and ACT scores being the bane of your existence, and teachers demanding more and more each second; no wonder everyone’s pissed off all the time! Recently, I heard that an old friend in the local IB program was diagnosed with clinical depression from the stressors overwhelming his brain. Today, I was re-doing my pre-calculus final review and I didn’t have my book with my or my notes. I tried to look up this single equation, and couldn’t find it. With everything going on right now, I felt myself trying to hold back tears in the middle of the ARC. What is going on? Why am I crying over a formula?! Whenever graded tests are passed out during class, if you look closely, you can see someone ejecting from their dream airplane. Notice how the smoke fills the saturated sky as that D- on Matrices send them into full-blown anxiety. We’ve been there. If you haven’t, congrats. You have yet to be subjected by the national school system. Put into a category because you were .1 GPA points away from Phi Theta Kappa (like yours truly) or viewed as mentally weak from having under 5 classes.

It truly makes me laugh when I see grown adults writing posts about teenage stress. Before writing this post, I googled statistics about teenage stress across the nation. Every single site had grown adults, mostly men, writing about high school like they just got out of 1st period. Under that post was related posts about the topic which included: teenage drug overdose rates at an all time high and teenage etiquette statistics. Most posts about stress just talk about how we are “unable to finish all work from all those video games” or “lack of time management skills.” I guess all you can do is laugh at the ignorant and try to inform the blind.


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