Spring Fever


School is ending this week with exams next week and I can gladly say, this week has been my most productive the entire year. With prom in the rear-view mirror, I want to spend these next 2 weeks relaxed and studying. I have nearly everything together so I won’t be up until 2 am cramming chemistry slides and writing endless equations. I truly spend so much time worrying about mindless things. Most mornings I freak out because I am going to “be so extremely late” even though I only left 3 minutes later than I usually do. My May goals is to relax and keep a light-heart. The constant worry of what people think about me not only affecting myself, but also putting the reins on my love-life. Summer will be very busy as I prepare for my final terms. Time truly flies by and if you don’t take time to enjoy it, you will miss it.

I have made new friends at school and will be going out with them sometime soon. I am not going to be such a stickler and enjoy my time with my new friends. 🙂

P.S. My dreams have been crazy vivid, but when it is time to write them down I can’t remember the manifest content. I am trying to write them down in my Dream Journal.


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