Dyed and Dangerous!

Oh me oh me oh my! This morning I woke up bright and early to get ready for Run or Dye and it was so worth the lack of sleepage. There was thousands of people there and I jogged/ran in order to pass people the entire 5k. Which to you extreme marathoners sounds like child’s play, but I was pretty proud of myself. The real action happened after the race, though. When I finished down the bridge, I went over by the bleacher area to wait for my father who was walking the race. While waiting there I was catching up on some emails and coaxed in colored dye. Out of nowhere, a guy who I had somewhat ran with through the whole race came up to me and said, “Hi, I haven’t used all of my hugs for the day, can I have a hug?” At first, I thought to myself, “wow my luck! Watch as my father comes walking up right as I hug you Mr. Attractive Male No. 1.” I put all fears behind me and said a trademark, “what the hell.” I stood up, hugged the kid, but this was an overwhelming-I-haven’t-seen-you-since-1994 hug. That’s when an idea flew into my cranium as I said, “let’s take a picture.” I knew when my father came back around he wouldn’t want to take many, so why not with some stranger? I gave his friend my phone and was getting in my typical picture stance when I was lifted up into the traditional wedding pose where the groom is holding the bride up. We smiled, click, and everyone went on their way.

This probably sounds dumb and he probably went off and did this to 19 other girls, but for that instant I was one girl out of 4,000 people that was the star. Those spontaneous butterflies that people scour the world for was given to me by a stranger, in a crowded field, covered in rainbow dye, and lasted 5 minutes.


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