12:41 pm

Well what a day it has been so far! Onne of my most stress filled days has taken a left turn While at the ARC working on pre-calculus homework, Cole waltzes in, sits near my table, and goes on computer. I felt like I should look over, but didn’t until another female voice chimed in and shattered my eye drum. They ran off into the sunset while I was left wasting unrealized time. I decided to test my history presentation to see if it would work. And what does it do? Completely not work at all. The file wasn’t saved correctly and so I tried sprinting home, alas it was too late. So now I am sitting here with a fixed flashdrive on the drop date, missing my 3rd history class and feeling terrible. I was so prepared and I can literally hear him now calling out where I am. Later on is tryouts, hopefully this day will get somewhat better.


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