Life Testing Week

This week has been filled with life tests about coming out of my shell. From talking to Haile unexpectedly, to presenting my chemistry presentation without getting immensely nervous, and having a full conversation with Prof. Kennedy in front of 30 people. And its only been 2 days! I know you reading this probably thinks this is childish, but I like my shell and don’t typically enjoy coming out.

Tomorrow is going to be a big BIG day! I have to present my history project to my class and have tryouts. Since tomorrow is test day, this presentation will most likely be in front of 45+ people. Not as bad as last semester when it was nearly 60 plus Cole. That will go smoothly, but then tryouts are after-school.

Today was the last tryout practice day and I honestly feel a bit discouraged. I feel out of place because cheerleading isn’t my whole life anymore. This discouragement may be the shining light that I need. I have matured more than I would’ve ever imagined from entering early college and love it each day. I just never have heard of a soon-to-be-senior not make it onto varsity when she has been on it for a year already. I will try and do my best and not let the nerves get the best of me. I know my capability and if it is not right for this then that it okay. The Lord works in mysterious ways, but it is always the best.

All I know right now is that tomorrow night at 7:00 pm we will know. Whether or not my name is on that acceptance paper will be a lesson or a blessing. If I don’t get on the team, I will get a part-time job, open a bank account, and start my own life. If I do make the team, I will get to cheer at football games (which I love) and finally get to wear that all white uniform. Personally, I want to make the team because of the title and the friendships. But don’t desire the petty drama and long practices that accompany it.

If I don’t make it, I will be a little sad, but not like before. I have grown and know that if my best wasn’t the best for them, then I just need to move forward. Life doesn’t stop just because you want to.

We shalt see tomorrow….


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