Dance Until Your Feet Wear Off; Literally!

Tonight was my school’s “spring fling dance” and it was quite an interesting time. I saw so many different sides of people and realized truly how strong girl power is. I do wish I had a date, but great things come with time. I saw people give up their morals for a chance with one person. I find it so easily to come out of my comfort zone box when I am at parties or dances.

I am trying pretty hard to get involved and put myself out there. Trying to delete the ideal that there is a men of hopefuls like I am a princess on my throne waiting for my aspiring prince. I am going to ween out the idiots and find someone who values me. I am going to use Cole as a lesson, and a blessing. That day, my heart was broken, my hopes crushed, and he came out of no where making my day brighter. I went from crying in my car before class to feeling butterflies. I let my fears block him out and now here I am. He definitely taught me to be strong, but don’t be afraid to mingle. I know I most likely won’t ever get a chance again with him, but time will tell. I wish him the best. What a great guy.

In order to help myself become a better person, I am going to set monthly goals. Much like new year resolutions, but on a month-by-month basis. This month’s goal is for me to stop feeling pity for myself. I have noticed, especially a lot lately due to my busy schedule, I play the “why me” game. Don’t get me wrong, most things never go off perfectly for me. And so I want to stop pitying myself and feelings grateful for all that I have even though things are going bad. I want to focus on the solution instead of the problem.

My feet are rubbed raw from these lace-up heels and I am exhausted from not getting much sleep and stressing out.


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