Releasing Toxic Relationships

Each day it seems I am shedding off the years of poor relationships. Last night I released someone who is now plagued by culture. Pre-revitalization I would be very worked up over this dilemma, but I have learned to accept negativity and release it. The sadness of losing a once decent friend still aches in my heart, yet if she left this easily, was she that good of a friend? Everyone has emotions, some deeper than others, and I think that just throwing people out like garbage is a true definition of character. Enjoy the dark side; we all know I did. But I am not going to make a big deal over something I won’t remember in 3 years. Thus, I am going to live out the life I was meant to. I will not let minuscule people who aren’t going to amount to anything outside of high school kill me inside and ruin everything I have worked for.


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