Looking Back on My Journey Thus Far

Oh the places you will grow! As woke up at a brisk 5:30 AM to go complete the SAT, I was greeted by blast-from-the-past friends from my old high school. While waiting for the test to begin, we chatted until they started harshly judging a female across the room. I glanced over at her and realized she knew they were talking about her. It was like I could feel her self-consciousness growing and saw a glimmer of my old self inside of her. If this was old me, I would’ve joined in with a sarcastic remark and went on my merry way. Instead, I felt for the anonymous girl from across the yard, and proceeded into my testing room without speaking with the evil hormonal girls. I slipped a smile to the anonymous girl to show her that we’re not all demonic.

From seeing this rude commentary, I felt an awakening inside of me. I no longer feel like I need to judge people just to feel better about myself. We are all fighting a battle. Whether it is with our inner demons or with outside forces; we all have scars. And I don’t believe it is right to point out flaws while someone is trying to better themselves. I can definitely say that I have matured since pre-college. Each day I feel this light of positivism growing inside of me. A new form of confidence is developing very slowly. I don’t feel like everyone is critiquing me when I walk into a room. I don’t focus on fixing my flaws, instead I embrace each change, scar, or blemish. This is my life and shying into the darkness isn’t going to help me reach my goals in life. This is my life and I am going to live it how I want to!


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