The Real High School Dream

Now that I am in “college” I feel like  I have a sense of purpose. These new experiences bring me so much freedom and exuberance, but I still have that feeling that I’m  missing something. Prom season is coming up and I most likely won’t be attending due to lack of enrollment. Isn’t that the high school dream? To go to prom with all your friends, a great date, and dance the night away? Half the fun is searching for that one dress and spontaneously being asked. Or is the high school dream to make the most out of your 4 years so that the next 65 years will be full of prom nights? I could attend if I wanted to by filling out boat-loads of unnecessary paperwork and going with a girl-friend, yet that doesn’t complete the vision of a “perfect night”. Or maybe I will just stay off social media on prom night in order to spare my esteem.


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