New Years Resolution or Renewal?

My New Years resolution started a bit early this time. About a week ago I had an epiphany that awoken me to the truth: I have been holding myself back all this time. My mind would be puzzled why this plague of shyness overcame me; I was the parasite the whole time. I would let myself be stricken with embarrassment instead of embracing it. Thankfully, I have acknowledged there needs to be a change. Thus, I have begun living a bold and confident life.

How does one just change their whole personality? Baby steps. Each day I try and reach out in many ways. Today, I asked a complete stranger to help me with something. I would usually just find a way to do it myself. Each time I reach out I can feel my confidence not necessarily growing, but restoring itself. The confidence and energy has always been inside, just shied away due to over-thinking and forced sadness. Now that I have started this journey, the confidence radiates off of my skin. People notice and treat me more like an adult (finally!).

This upcoming year I plan to embrace life. Take each obstacle by the horns and not be afraid to laugh off the small stuff. One year from now I hope that I am writing this post about how my confidence helped me reach my goals. This process will be challenging at times, but I am ready.


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