First Step into Unknown

As I sit here with an open post, my mind is drawing a blank on what to first publish. Known as a Millennial, my generation has been bashed for years. We are the generation of weaklings; of kids who are just given trophies for showing up and sitting on a cold bench. This blog is much like a diary to  me, but with less expectations. You won’t find deep, sensual love stories with a complex plot twist. You won’t find action adventures about my experience fighting aliens on Mars, but more of an insight into the honest truth. My plan is use this blog as a growing experience. In order to expand out of ones comfort zone they must take small steps into the unknown. They must be willing to expose themselves each day. Instead of going into town plaza and telling random strangers my life story, why not do it in the comfort of ones home? So I sit here, preparing you for the inter-mechanisms of my mind.  This isn’t my first experience on WordPress. I have another blog that is mainly fashion and beauty based, but I decided that the internet could be used in so many ways. I will remain mostly anonymous, with the occasional slip up of my name when referring to conversation. This blog won’t bias, discourage, or reject. It won’t mock, shame, or isolate. All are welcome and all are accepted.


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